The Margaret Yates Scholarship

Margaret Yates Scholarship – Award Criteria
This prestigious award is named after the late Margaret Yates, one of the founders of the Independent Tertiary Education New Zealand (ITENZ).  Margaret Yates also founded Avonmore Tertiary Academy.

Margaret Yates Scholarship
The Margaret Yates Scholarship may be awarded annually to support members undertaking academic projects, undergraduate or postgraduate study, or advancing areas of expertise to further their professional development. The award of this scholarship is an indication of the value which ITENZ places on continuing education as a means of achieving personal as well as organisational professional development goals.

The value of the scholarship is up to $5000 including GST. In the case of multiple recipients the total value of the award will not exceed $5000 including GST.

Staff of PTEs that are ITENZ members of at least two years standing are eligible to apply for this scholarship.

Applicants must be enrolled or prepared to enrol in a tertiary education course relevant to their professional development.  If the recipient fails to enrol in a suitable programme of studies ITENZ will seek to recover the scholarship paid.

An individual member can only ever receive one scholarship.

Criteria for Assessing Applications
The following criteria will be used to assess applications:

  • Institutional support for the applicant in the form of a written statement from the applicant’s manager/director indicating the professional development value of the grant to the individual
  • The contribution of the grant to the applicant’s organisation and the benefit to the private tertiary education sector.
  • The intent of the applicant to share their learning with ITENZ members and the Association or the private tertiary sector.


Applications should be submitted using the prescribed application form available here or from the ITENZ Office, and lodged with the Association Office by the nominated closing date.

Applications must include a copy of previous academic results if applicable.

Applications are considered and determined by a Panel appointed by the ITENZ Board. The Panel’s decisions will be final.