The ITENZ sector Awards

The ITENZ Sector Awards are designed to showcase the achievements of the private tertiary sector and the Awards Dinner highlights the outstanding achievements of people working within member organisations and the organisations themselves.

As the event is a means by which ITENZ highlights member organisations nominations the name of the provider involved with the nomination will be mentioned.

The awards are based on achievements for the 12 months 1 January to 31 December in the year preceeding the nomination.

Providers are urged to support these awards and are encouraged to nominate a person at another member provider for an award or indeed even the provider if it is deemed applicable.

ITENZ - cengage learning Awards

Student of the Year Award
This award highlights the achievements of students and celebrates the work carried out by the independent tertiary education sector.

Support Person of the Year Award
This award recognises the integral roles that support personnel play in an organisation’s success. These roles may include but are not limited to Student Welfare, International and Business Managers, and Careers Guidance Officers.

Tutor of the Year Award
The award will recognise outstanding people in the field of teaching and could include any lecturer, trainer, facilitator or consultant (full-time, part-time, corporate training, etc.) within an ITENZ member organisation. In this category ITENZ wants to recognise outstanding persons who have excelled in teaching, training, development or even mentoring during the past 12 months.

Provider of the Year Award
In this category ITENZ wants to give recognition to the provider which has been outstanding in the promotion of quality assurance at an independent tertiary provider organisation.

ITENZ - ICEF international Student of the year


International Student of the Year Award
This award celebrates the chievements of international students and their contribution to life in New Zealand. Applicants are asked to explain how they made thre most of their time in NZ with the focus on life outside their studies.

ITENZ - Southern Cross Travel Insurance leadership award


Tertiary education is a complex and rapidly changing environment in which to lead and manage – one in which a strong understanding of both the nature of tertiary organisations and the policy environment in which they operate is crucial to success. Through this category ITENZ wants to recognise exceptional leadership in the business of private tertiary education.

This category could include nominees from management, campus heads, administrators, or marketers that have excelled in performance, participation and achievements during the past 12 months in leadership, or any aspect of management in tertiary education. Growth in student numbers, student satisfaction, increased profitability, full accreditation and registration achievements, the establishment of new campus buildings, etc. can all be used as nomination material.

The recipient of the ITENZ - Southern Cross Travel Insurance Leadership Award will receive a trophy and a cash prize of $1,500.00.


Nominations for all awards will be accepted only from financial ITENZ member organisations. A member organisation may nominate any number of people in any category.

Any additional documentation or evidence supporting a nomination should be submitted in hard copy. If a person is nominated it might be wise to include a CV as well.


ITENZ - MYOB Award for Innovative use of Technology


This award recognizes a staff member who uses technology to teach in effective and innovative ways. The range of acceptable entries is broad; such as the incorporation of a new technology or the use of an existing technology or teaching methodology in a unique way.


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the margaret yates scholarship

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